Career Services


Penn State Worthington Scranton is also committed to assisting alumni through Alumni Career Services using LionLink professional networking services.

To supplement personal and career counseling, various career resources are available in the Career Services Center's Career Resource Room. These resources are used in conjunction with counseling to assist students with the process of assessing their interests, abilities, values, and experiences. Students can then apply this information to occupational opportunities in order to embark on a fulfilling career journey. The Career Resource Room houses occupational information books, periodicals, reference books, employment search strategy information, employer information, videos, and DISCOVER—a computer-based guidance system.

Penn State Alumni Career Association

Alumni Career Services is a partnership of the Alumni Association and the Division of Student Affairs at the University. Its mission is to support alumni in managing any stage of their careers, assisting alumni in their career and life planning and providing opportunities for alumni to connect with other alumni to enhance their career growth.

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