Health & Counseling Services

Health & Counseling Services

Health and Wellness
At Penn State Worthington Scranton, we're committed to enhancing the health and wellness of our students by providing quality services and programs to promote physical, psychological, social, and  emotional well-being.
Conveniently located in the lower level of the Study Learning Center, our Health and Wellness center provides basic health care and first aid, professional counseling services through Scranton Counseling Center, and wellness programs throughout the year. 
Physician services are provided by appointment only by our consulting physician, affiliated with Physician's Health Alliance. 
These on-campus services are provided at no cos to the student and covered by student tuition.
You can reach health Services at (570) 963-2681.
Confidentiality Statement
All student health records are kept strictly confidential.  No information contained in the health record will be released without written consent of the student.
Immunization Requirements
Immunizations offer safe and effective protection from vaccine-preventable diseases.  The United States is experiencing re-emergence of these diseases, in part, due to factors such as non-immunized and under-immunized persons and global travel.  University health Services of the Pennsylvania State University strongly supports the use of vaccines to protect the health of our individual students and our campus community.
For additional immunization information and submission requirements, go to:

Resources to help victims of sexual assault

  • Women's Resource Center hotline (570) 346-4671  24 hours/day This includes the:
  • Rape Crisis Center
  • Dunmore Police  (570) 344-0851
  • Geisinger Community Medical Center (570) 703-8000
  • Regional Hospital of Scranton (570) 348-7100
  • Commonwealth Health (Moses Taylor Hospital) (570) 770-5000
  • Affirmative Action office at University Park

Health Insurance Information

Students can use the link below to get information on health insurance available to students.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1 (800)-273-TALK (8255)