Global Programs

Global Programs

Welcome to Penn State Worthington Scranton Global Programs, delivering distance education courses with short-term travel to destinations worldwide.

Each semester we offer a select number of courses with an embedded program. Each course in each program includes pre-travel and post-travel coursework to be completed on an independent study basis, working with the instructor through distance education technologies on one's own schedule and at one's own pace.

Travel components of the courses are 6-9 days in length, taking place during Spring Break. We aim to bring international academic and immersion experiences within the financial reach of as many Penn State students as possible. Accordingly, travel arrangements are designed to be very affordable, and scholarship opportunities (Scholarship Opportunities) are available.


San José Center City, Costa Rica

San José Center City, Costa Rica

Image: Penn State

Upcoming Trip:  Spring  2017
Costa Rica




Courses offered:

Introduction to Literature of the Americas (CMLIT 5)
Contact Ms. Caressa Gearhart at 

Infant and Child Development (HDFS 229)
Contact Dr. Parminder Parmar at

Human Development and Family Studies Intervention (HDFS 311)
Contact Dr. Melissa Labuda at

Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 100)
Contact Dr. Karin Machluf at

Introduction to Well-being and Positive Psychology (PSYCH 243)
Contact Ms. Renae McNair at

Ibero-American Civilization (SPAN 131)
Contact Dr. Beatriz Rivera-Barnes at