Current and Recent Projects

Current and Recent Projects

Current Campus Projects


Penn State Worthington Scranton completed the first phase of a three-phase athletics facilities renovation, which included the two new Matt McGloin Baseball and UGI Utilities Softball fields, as well as an improved soccer field.

Fundraising is currently underway for the second phase of this project, which will include updates to the campus' Multi-Purpose building, gym and fitness facilities, and equipment. To learn more about this project, click here.

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Recent Campus Projects


The two-phase Science Suite project was completed in Fall 2010 and its dedication attended by over 100 staff, faculty, students, donors and advisory board members. It offers larger, modern, integrated spaces with the latest in technology and equipment that will promote interactive, collaborative learning, while also supporting the new four-year science degree now offered at Penn State Worthington Scranton.

The new biology lab, which was the first phase of this project, was completed in 2009 and now boasts updated group workstations, new technology and high-tech teaching stations and equipment designed to enhance the learning experience.

The chemistry and physics labs were the next areas to be completely renovated and redesigned, resulting in a comprehensive science unit that is helping to establish Penn State Worthington Scranton as a progressive provider of higher education in the sciences and enable the delivery of the campus' new, four-year science degree.

The renovation and re-design of the Science Suite has helped to increase our facilities' flexibility by incorporating designs that reflect modern methods of study and the technological needs of students, such as areas for laptops, moveable benches, and long-distance teaching/learning capabilities.

All three of the new labs were also designed with the goal of encouraging and enhancing expanded undergraduate and faculty research opportunitites at our campus.

"The Worthington Scranton Science Suite was made possible in large part due to donors who shared our campus' vision and enthusiasm in making this dream a reality and we thank them for their help and generosity," said Director of Development Maria Russoniello. 


Penn State prides itself on being a student-centered university and at Worthington Scranton, the campus administration, thanks in large part to Dave and Ann Hawk, as well as other generous donors, were able to develop a new Student Success Center in the campus' Study Learning Center.

The David and Ann Hawk Student Success Center houses all key student programs and services in an integrated and inclusive area specificallyl designed to provide students with direct and convenient access to those services and the professionals providing them. The center's design will also facilitate collaboration among the providers of those services, in order to best serve all of a student's needs.

Student services available in the new center include health and wellness programs, psychological counseling, financial aid, academic tutoring, advising, career services, and leadership/personal development programs.

In addition to the Hawks, other donors to the new center include:  Eric and Mary Anne Linde; Lynn E. Moran; the Scranton Family, in particular Bill and Maryla Scranton; and the Worthington Scranton Alumni Society.


The new center provides high-quality, responsive, and student-centered services aimed at increasing retention and supporting academic and personal success, while supporting the campus' existing student programs. It also promotes a more collaborative and effective delivery of all student services in an enviroonment that fosters partnerships and empowers students -- engaging them in a holistic life approach and promoting civic responsibility while enhancing their life foundation.

A crowd tours the new Matt McGloin Baseball and UGI Utilties Softball fields.In the photo at right, a crowd tours the new Matt McGloin Baseball and UGI Utilties Softball fields shortly after the dedication ceremony in April, 2015, which was attended by over 100 people.