Campus College Contact and Referral Representatives

Campus College Contact and Referral Representatives

Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors throughout their enrollment at Penn State.  If you want information about a program at another campus or outside your adviser's area of expertise, you need to talk with a college representatitve knowledgable about that program.  Below is a list of campus representatives who can provide information about academic programs offered throughout the University.


 College Advisor  Phone  Email
 College of Agricultural Sciences  Meg Hatch  570-963-2529
 College of Arts and Architecture  Sharon Toman  570-963-2696
 Smeal College of Business  James Frese  570-963-2713
 College of Communications  Philip Mosley  570-963-2667
 College of Earth and Mineral Sciences  David McDowell  570-963-2584
 College of Education  Patricia Hinchey  570-963-2594

 College of Engineering

 Majid Chatsaz     


 College of Health and Human Development     

 Gina Gray


 College of Information Sciences and Technology  Debra Smarkusky  570-963-2593

 College of Liberal Arts

 Todd Adams


 College of Nursing  Milton Evans  570-963-2644
 Eberly College of Science  Phuong Pham      570-963-2564

 University College - American Studies  Eva Tettenborn  570-963-2583
 University College - Business  James Frese  570-963-2713
 University College - Corporate Communication  Eva Tettenborn   570-963-2583
 University College - English  Paul Perrone   570-963-2660
 University College - Human Development and Family Studies  Janet Melnick  570-963-2674
 University College - Letters, Arts, and Sciences  Paul Perrone  570-963-2660
 University College - Science  Meg Hatch  570-963-2529
 PSU Abington, Altoona, Behrend, Berks, and Harrisburg  Gary Edstrom  570-963-2686
 Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)  Caressa Gearhart  570-963-2686
 Provisional and DUS  Gary Edstrom  570-963-2686
 Honors Program

Todd Adams
Meg Hatch


 International Programs  John Dolis  570-963-2658

Program Representatives