Access Accounts

Access Accounts

Access Accounts for Students

What is a Penn State Access Account?
A Penn State Access Account is a user ID and password. Your user ID is the "public" part of your Penn State Access Account. This is the part you should share with others so that they know where to send you electronic mail. Your user ID (sometimes referred to as "username" or "userid") is usually your initials followed by a 1- to 3-digit number such as xyz101. The letters are lowercase.

Your password, on the other hand, should be kept private. Your password is the "key" that lets you open electronic doors for online services like eLion, electronic mail, and other Penn State services.

Why do I need a Penn State Access Account?
A Penn State Access Account enables Penn State faculty, staff, and students to use the full range of Internet services on or off campus, at computer labs or on personal computers. It also allows you to use student computing labs.

What can I access or do with my Penn State Access Account?
Electronic Mail
Your Student Account
Your Course Syllabi
Your Web Space
Library Resources
Your electronic directory information
Change your Password
The Internet
Use the on-campus wireless network

How do I get a Penn State Access Account?
You will need your Penn State id+ Card or another form of photo identification to get your Access Account. A Penn State id+ Card is strongly recommended.

If you attended New Student Orientation (NSO), you should already have your Penn State Access Account.

If not, take your Penn State photo id+ Card to the Penn State Access Account signature station in Dawson 115 and follow the instructions there. The signature stations are 2 white computers located near the lab attendant area. If you need help, ask the lab attendant for assistance or see the Information Technology Support Center staff located in Dawson 116. If you have an id+ Card, you can get your access account during normal computer lab hours by using the Signature Station. Your account should be active within 24 hours.

Except under special cases, a student that does not have an active Penn State Access Account will have their account activated during a semester for which they are scheduled for classes. The Penn State Access Account should be active approximately one week after the student officially schedules classes.

What else do I need to know about my access account?
Guard your password just as you guard your bank card PIN. Don't write it down or make it easy for someone to "crack." Don't share your password with others, as they would then have the opportunity to read your e-mail, see your grades, obtain your transcript, and forge e-mail and news postings from you.

Use the ITS Secure Server, to change your password.

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