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Billing and Payment Information

Billing and Payment Information

Billing Information


Tuition Statement Timing:

Statements generated the 1st of every month
Statements due the 22nd of every month

On the first of the month, you will receive an e-mail which tells you that your statement is ready to view. This statement will list all billable costs and the most current known financial aid. You will not be receiving a paper bill in the mail.

 Typically, tuition payments are due on the 22nd of the month for each semester:

Fall Semester: Due in August

Spring Semester: Due in December* (Due to the Holidays, this date is subject to change)

Summer Semester: Due in May


Paying Your Bill

Lionpath /Cashnet is a safe and easy way to pay your bill online. In your Self-Service Center, click on "Manage my Account/Make a Payment" which will route you to Cashnet.

*Please be sure your browser allows pop-ups, as this will be opening in a new window.


In Cashnet, you will find two easy ways to pay your bill:

eCheck :

             Personal checking/savings account drawn from a U.S. bank

            *There is NO FEE to pay using a checking or savings account


Credit Card :

             Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

             *There is 1.5% convenience fee for using a card

We must receive all payments on or before the due date on your bill in order to avoid a nonrefundable late fee. This includes check payments mailed to the campus. Please mail any checks to the address in the “Contact Information” box on the previous page.


Installment Payment Plan

Enrolling in Penn State's Installment Payment Plan allows you to pay your tuition bill in installments over three months.

A $45 non-refundable fee covers all administrative costs for the payment plan and is due with the first payment.
The first one-third of billable costs is payable by the due date of the tuition bill.
You can make payments by e-check or credit card and they will be auto-deducted on the 22nd of each month.
You must re-enroll for the plan each semester you choose to use this method of payment.

To enroll in the Installment Payment Plan, please visit Lionpath and click on “Manage my account/Make a payment” to be routed to Cashnet where you will see the option to enroll. Once again, please be sure your browser has pop-ups enabled.